Chinese Character Marking in Korean Primary School Senior Textbooks

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Chinese Character Marking in Korean Primary School Senior Textbooks


The Ministry of Education of Korea pointed out that according to the "Standard of Chinese Character Marking in Primary School Textbooks", Chinese Characters and their pronunciation and interpretation have been marked on the fifth and sixth grade textbooks of primary schools throughout the country since 2019 to help students understand professional vocabulary.


According to the standard, if the editors of textbooks think that labeling Chinese characters helps students understand the meaning of words, they can label the form, sound and meaning of Chinese characters in the margin of the page, labeling no more than 300 words.


These 300 words are selected from "1800 basic Chinese characters for Chinese education", and 370 words are frequently used in the vocabulary of Chinese, ethics, society, mathematics and science textbooks in the fifth and sixth grades of primary schools.


In addition, teachers use counseling writing to "avoid letting students recite Chinese characters or evaluate their studies" in order to reduce the burden of learning.

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