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2019-06-19 11:00Daily British News


Federert; Looking For 'Goldilocks' Forehand In Halle


Roger Federert; often makes tennis look easy. But even the Swiss star found himself in a 'Goldilocks' situation during his 7-6(1), 6-3 victory against John Millman in the first round of the NOVENTI OPEN on Tuesday. “I am aware that there were way too many...


Halle Open: Roger Federert; sets up Jo-Wilfried Tsonga clash with win over John Millman


Roger Federert; will meet Jo-Wilfried Tsonga next after beginning his grass-court season with a 7-6 (7-1) 6-3 win over Australia's John Millman in Halle. Federer, 37, lost to Millman at last year's US Open and was given a thorough work-out by the world number...



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